Trans Awareness Necklace
Highly polished silver and filled with a black enamel background, beautifully accentuating the symbol representing Transgender pride. This beautifully made pendant is the perfect way to raise transgender awareness in style. The hypoallergenic zinc alloy, plated in sterling silver, is expectionally durable...
Equality Tag Necklace
This is a beautiful silver & rainbow dog tag-style necklace, spreading the message that we all deserve to be treated equal and have equal rights, but reminding us all that our work is not done.  Featuring "Equality" expertly carved through the...
Together Forever Necklace Set
This is beautiful rainbow heart dog tag-style necklace set makes a perfect couples' gift, whether it's for an anniversary, holiday, or just because! Share this set with your partner, or even queer besties, as a unique reminder you'll be together forever! 2-piece set...
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