Non-binary Pride Ring
Beautifully polished stainless steel ring, with vibrant enamel stripes encircling the entire band, in the colors of the Nonbinary pride flag. This ring is perfect for your wedding, anniversary, pride event, or just because! Buy one for a friend or loved one, and...
Nonbinary Pride Bracelet
This stylish waterproof sweat-proof bracelet allows you to show your nonbinary pride even with an active lifestyle! Great for those with physical jobs, hobbies, athletes, or if you're just looking for something more practical and comfortable.  Circumference: 7.9" (20 cm)Material: Silicone
Nonbinary Pride Flag
Beautifully made with vibrant colors, double-stitching, and sturdy brass grommets. Perfect for showing your non-binary pride anywhere you choose!  Ideas for use: Hang on flag pole Hang vertically on yard stake Hang on side of home Strap across balcony or deck railing Hang...
Cinnamon Rolls Not Gender Roles Tee
What better way to bring awareness to the fact that gender "roles" don't really exist and simply just a social construct, than with this adorable soft cotton tee? And who doesn't love a warm gooey animated cinnamon roll? Please refer...
Hello My Pronouns are They Them Pin
Tired of being misgendered? Use this cute pronoun pin that looks like a name tag sticker, to catch people's attention. Easily switch the pin from your shirt or jacket to your bag, hat, or anywhere easily visible to make it...